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Thursday, December 18, 2003

Bright light city gonna set my soul + Grubette's lucky chip

It is time. Vegas and Yellow Cab (which is not yellow but red) beckon a scant few minutes from now.

I hope to hunt down an Internet cafe to update now and again, but otherwise pokergrub.com will be taking a hiatus until I return on the redeye Dec. 31st... sadder, wider (that was an intentional typo, hehe), but hopefully not poorer.

And if time permits, I'll sneak out to Baghdad over the holiday and shake hands with the boys.

Don't forget -- for being such a faithful reader, I'd like to send you a postcard welcoming in the new year. Email me with your name and snail mail address and I'll pop one in the mail to you. I'll even send one to your Aunt Mildred, if you have an Aunt Mildred.

To tide you over for the next couple weeks, here's a sweet post from grubette, a.k.a. my sis. No grub details but some cig details (I'm telling Mom!):

I was driving home last night and had a choice of going to the gym or Hawaiian Gardens.. I picked the latter. Plus, I had a lucky $1 blue chip Doug had given me the last time we played. Figuring I had about an hour til Doug got home from work, I only planned to be there an hour. But when I got there, I did not win one hand for 1 whole hour, after switching seats, and then finally switching tables. I was down over $200 and it was mainly because of some crazy raisers that one guy had admitted had already lost $1000 and he needed to play rather desperately to win it back. So at this new table, I immediately won a small pot, which was nice. Then I got a 23h and decided to play. The flop is 3 3 10. I was feeling pretty good about that, except two cards were clubs, and one was a spade. The turn is another spade. The pot is already swelling. Two spades and two clubs and people are betting crazily, either for their two pair, or their runner runner flushes two ways. My poor trip threes looked so good on the flop! The pot is so big that when the dealer is about to deal the river, I turn my head and look at the guy to my right, telling him I couldn't look. I just watch the expression on the guy's face next to me and he looks disappointed for me, saying, "Aw it's a 3." In disbelief, I turn my head and see that popping red 3 in a sea of 4 black cards.. my first quads. Now, two people have made full houses. I was first to bet and probably should have check-raised but my heart was bursting out my chest I was certain I was exposed so I just bet. I think there were 4 more callers, so when I had to flip my cards over first, the dealer said, "I know you have good cards" and I said that this was my first four of a kind and flipped it up. Though there were a couple of moans (the guy next to me had pocket Js).. they were happy for me. The pot was over $200. I only tipped the dealer $5. The next hand I made an inside straight on the river. Won that and tipped him $5 more. Then I got a 92 and a 74 on the next two hole cards so I went out to smoke a cigarette with the guy to my right. It made me a little high. Maybe I should have tipped the dealer more.

Obviously I should have left at that point, having won back my $200+ and being $200 up. I had so many racks and stacks of chips that they obscured my view of my cards.. so I traded them in for white chips. Safer that way, so I don't spend it all. I was $300 up a hand or two later and I called Doug and told him I'd leave in 15 minutes but didn't say how I was doing. In that 15 minutes, I lost $60, then won that back and more, leaving + $365. I told the guy on my right to sit in my seat. At the cashier, I gave her 5 white $100 chips and my blue ones, and she said, "Is that it?" Looking at the one white chip still in my purse, I said, "Yeah that's it". I went home and gave Doug the chip, saying his lucky blue chip had changed color.

Be good everyone, play well, and happy holidays!

Ho ho ho,