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Wednesday, March 10, 2004

550 tickets to Paradise (not)

Oh fer crying out loud!

I'm still recovering from the trip (sleepwise), and all day yesterday I was envisioning a big fluffy pillow as I nodded off at the computer or walked to the Coke machine. But when I got home relatively early, instead of heading straight to bed, I played five hours. Never a good idea while tired and hallucinating. Paradise 3/6 5max, 5/10 5max, and True NL50 resulted in a miserable -550 showing. Worse, I was about even in the 5/10 so all the losses came from 3/6 and the NL (lost three big hands -- two with AA, the other with 99 and 955 flop... other guy had 55 and I was drawing to one out, never suspecting he had quads).

I'm not too terribly upset. Losses like this in the past have turned around pretty quickly.

But I should've just bought a dryer.

I did get a solid eight hours of sleep, so tonight I'll be prepared for iggy's Poker Blog Classic. Can't wait to see a roomful of female avatars with more big fluffy pillows!

grubette's just churnin' 'em out... here's a post from Friday:

How sick is this? The famed Long Beach Aquarium of the Pacific has a new neighbor across the street, Bubba Gump Shrimp. Nothing like coming out of a tour of the ocean’s greatest gifts, starvin’ for some fried sea critters. Even sicker, Bubba’s has a smiling shrimp as its logo – wearing a hat, obvious clueless to its imminent demise.

Happy hour at the new Bubba Gump turned into happy 6 hours on Friday. Tip of the day: at a very crowded restaurant, preferably one that has a hat-wearing shellfish on its sign, occupy the largest table for hours on end while salivating customers wait outside and peer in while Monster Garage is being filmed outside. When asked to move to a smaller table (because half your party has left after a few hours), resist and moan but allow them to re-seat you. This caused us to receive two rounds of drinks “on the house” for our inconvenience. And these drinks ain’t cheap - $9.95 for a weak-ass Calypso and the same price for a draft beer of Michelob *gag* Light. While we were there, Doug and I saw some friends of ours and greeted them. They said they were on their way to Hawaiian Gardens, would we like to go? Doug promptly told the waitress it was a birthday for one of our friends and that he was shy and would surely try to deny his special day (it’s wasn’t his birthday really). So, the whole Bubba gang went over and embarrassed the heck out of him to our great amusement.

Around 11, we do go over to HI-G to meet up with our faux birthday friend. But he had given up on us after watching the Lakers game and left. I go straight to NL and see college boy there (now to be referred as “College Delinquent” since I found out his initials are “CD”). Man that kid sure plays often. Gulp I should talk. I’m seated with Cufflinks guy that I saw last week. Cool guy and a great, emotive player. At one point he puts up a picture of his son in front of his chips to deter people from raising his blind. Haha. As a bonus, I’m sitting with “Mark,” and his friend “Paymon.” They traded insults back and forth all night while buying each other drinks. One would buy two Redbull and vodkas, and the other would say, “I’ll pay you back with a blowj*b in the parking lot.” Or when one would bet causing the other to fold, he’d say, “F*cker,” and gives a wink. Loads of fun. I love this stuff. After losing about $500, Paymon makes it back up within 20 minutes, plus wins another $500.

As for me, two bad beats and $300 later:

JQ in the hole, J-Q-x on the flop. Go all in, lose to a sucker who made his straight.

Last hand, A K, go all in pre-flop. One caller, he has A-Qo. He makes a pair of Q’s.

Both times, I was apologized to. So I assume I was looking pretty forlorn.

I get up to see Doug playing NL for the first time. He flops a straight and goes all-in for $120. Two callers, each with a pair, triples him up to $360 and he’s hooked on the game.

He’s also drunk too so that went down the drain. And, at 4.30am, we both leave down.

Yesterday, two people called right in a row to see if we wanted to go play poker, one at Hustler, and the other at Normandie Club. I would have gone, but Doug has given up on poker for awhile. At least til Iggy’s tourney this week, which he was going to miss to see Passion/Christ with a right-winger. I figured it was a sign we should go play. Doug went out and bought a dryer, saying it was as if he went to play and lost, both resulting in a few hundred dollars’ loss.

It’s been a very red month, and it’s just started. I’m gonna have to win that blogger’s tourney to be even. At least, as hdouble can attest, the weather is sunny, hot, and no good for staying indoors playing cards.

Wendy's spinach chicken salad
Girl Scout cookies -- Samoas
Lay's guacamole chips

3 Diet Cokes

McDonald's Chicken McNuggets
fruit 'n' yogurt parfait (partly spit out -- see next entry)

grub: 16
poker: 15