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Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Bushy-eyed and bleary-tailed

I'm back from a relatively uneventful but exhausting trip to Vegas, where over Friday through last night I was only able to play 2 hours of poker. Coincidentally, that's also about how much sleep I got.

More later as I try to survive the rest of the day at work from the redeye this morning.

All is not lost, however. Here's a quick grubette post from Thursday...

Good Beat, ½ Beat and Bad Beat

I had class til 7 so I wasn’t gonna go, no way you can’t make me! But I called Doug at home and he was not. I called his cell and when he answered, I heard the unmistakable background noise of HI-G. He said he just got there, would I join him? And miss "The Apprentice," no way!

So I went. NL was calling out to me.

I had pocket 2’s. For some reason, I raised it up to $10. It was a miracle flop, 10-10-2, giving me a baby boat (a dinghy?). I bet $20, two callers. Turn was a rag, I bet and everyone folded. Took it down.

KT unsuited, but I liked it and raised $10. Miracle flop again, A-Q-J. A guy bets $20. I raise to $40 to get him to call. Turn is blank, he bets $20. I raise all-in, about $100. He calls, and has the same damn hand so it’s chop chop. Being a woman here is beneficial in that I could grab him around his shoulders and shake (which I did) and say, “Why don’t you let me win a hand?” without getting my ass kicked in the parking lot.

Q8 which I usually play, bet is $15 (nearly everyone in the pot), I call. Flop is 5 7 9 I bet $15, only one caller. Turn is a random , guy bets $20 and I go all-in about $160. He immediately calls and waits for me to flip over my cards (here, pre-river, it’s an option to turn over your cards). I flip my Queen high flush, and he flips over his K2 higher flush. River’s a . Damn him for playing suited trash. But, I feel good about how I played this hand although the $400+ pot was not pushed my way. In the same circumstance, I would’ve played the same way going all in, because I couldn’t let him draw out, had he only had the A (which is what I thought). Plus, I was on a straight flush draw. Ah well, bad beat. Earlier on $4/8, I had an Ace high flush (flopped) beaten by a full house. When I raised the surprised guy on the river, he hesitantly called, thinking I had a bigger full house. Oh c’mon, he had queens full of fours and two of his queens were pockets. I got him back on another hand by getting quad 9’s and beating his full house. Hello.

I left with $69, cashing out with a smirking chip guy who thought I stopped on that amount for a reason. Down $131.

NL is very adrenaline-addicting. And I can’t help but enjoy the attention I get on these tables too. Ladies, you could look like Pat Boone (whaa?) and still get hit on. When I sat down at the table, “Milo” pulled out my chair for me and said, “You’re sitting next to me? It must be my lucky day! Oh yea, it’s my lucky day!!” I take it he wasn’t referring to my stack of $80 in chips. I s’pose this could be a ploy for me to go easy on these fellas, but I think they mostly just enjoy mixing up the players a little.

At least I got home in time to see [spoiler: click and drag to reveal]
Ponderosa fired on "The Apprentice."

Quaker granola bar
day-old doughnut

Turkey & swiss sandwich
Keebler grasshopper cookies

5 Diet Cokes
1 Coke

Bean sprout & cucumber sandwich
Lay's potato chips

grub: 10
poker: -550