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Friday, March 19, 2004

Damage control

I'm still running bad, dropping another $160 last night in the tremendously fishy tables.

Today's fortune cookie prophesizes: A merry PartyPoker fish makes a cheerful countenance (actually "heart" and not "fish," but the same sentiment).

My bankroll in sorry shape, I'm going to drop down in limits. I still want to take a shot at the freeroll, where I'm now 800 points away. Slightly more than 1000 raked hands a day? I can do it!

I fully sympathized with grubette in these series of hands. I cobbled together some of her emails, and an emailing grubette is an uncensored grubette. So if four-letter words offend you... well, you shouldn't be playing poker!

Here's grubette...

I took off a day of work yesterday and played in what I thought was a NL tourney, but it was limit. $25 buy-in, 205 players, I re-bought $40. Prior to the tourney I played live $4/8 and went 1/2 hour late to the tourney (to avoid the temptation of rebuys). I lost $55.

During the tournament I had pocket 3's. The flop was 9-9-3. two s. Seat one bet, I raised, he re-raised, it was capped (3 players). Turn's a blank . Seat one bet, I raised, other player's out. Seat one re-raised, I re-raised and then was told by the table since it was head's up we could go on re-raising unlimited (which wasn't true, because there was another player in the pot before we started the raise-a-thon). So 1s says, "I have 300 left, is that okay?" and I said, "I'll keep raising til you have none left." And I was so confident I had won this because I put him on a trip 9's. I call his all-in.. he turns over AK s, the nut flush. I actually felt bad beating his Ace high flush with a baby full house. He played it off casually, saying he wanted to "triple re-buy" anyway.

That was the only pot I won for 2 hours.

Then I sat at another seat with about 1200 left and the blinds were 300/500. The dealer, Ernesto, sat there for 20 minutes and didn't give me a single face card that I could play. He gave me 86o right before the blind--which I folded--and then flopped 5-7-9. Christ.. and on my blind, I really was blind and didn't even look. Someone raised and I raised without looking, all-in. I had a 74o and lost, naturally. Out in a dismal 70th place.

I was going to go home, but I decided to play live a just a little while. On $4/8, the dealer's pushed by Ernesto, the dealer that dealt me crap at the tourney. I mention this to the table. One of my first hands was pocket 3's, again! The flop was a rainbow A-3-7. I was first to bet and I did, was raised, then re-raised, then capped. What up! On a pair of aces maybe? Turn's a 6. Hell I just check! A bet, a raise, I call. River's an 8. No flush possibility.. I guess a straight possibility, but I doubt people would be betting like that with a draw . Hell I just check! A bet, a call, I call. I'm just holding my sucker 3's waiting for everyone else to reveal.. AQ turns over, who points to Mr. AK saying, "AK's got it." Then I casually say, "I have three 3's." Moans all around. Why didn't she bet it? Was she slow-playing? I didn't like the betting strategy and felt like I'd slow down. Though I realized whatever I did on that hand, I would've been called.

Soon after, I get Q7 unsuited. For some reason I play it.. flop is Q-6-5. A bet, a raise, I call. Turn's a 7 giving me two pair. A bet, a raise, I call. River's a Q, giving me a boat. A bet, a raise.. to me I'm thinking.. too long. And I raise to $24.. it's capped at $32, and then everyone calls. One guy has two pair and bad beatee has a boat, Queens full of fives. That was a monster of a pot. My fingers went numb and my stomach fell on the floor.

A few hands later, I have KQ unsuited. Board is Q-J-x-x-J. I was checking the whole way, but at the end bad beatee bets when it was head's up. Psychologically, I know he wouldn't bet into me when it's head's up, because he likes me. If he had trip Jacks, he would check to me, and have his best hand beat mine, that's all. Plus the pot wasn't big enough. He was bluffing me! I knew it.. so I called, he admitted he had nothing and I turned over the winner.

Tipped Ernesto $15--he made up for the lousy cards he gave me at the tournamet. Left in 45 minutes up $220, not bad, not bad. Maybe this time it was because I had zero to drink because I had class that evening. Think they're related?

A couple days later...

I had a dream last night I had pocket Q's and the caller had pocket 5's. Nothing on the entire board, so I won. But the dealer pushed the pot to the other guy and mucked both sets of cards. I tried to protest but he said I was too late.

Doug wanted to go to HI-G. I expressly said I did not want to go, because I had just won for the first time in a long time. I repeated that I didn't want to go in the car, but Doug said it would only be til 11 or so because we had to get up at 7 am the next morning for the yard sale.

While on the board for NL, I played at Doug's table $3/6. I sat next to this woman that went all in, and ended up making an inside straight on the river while Doug had 3 Q's the whole time. So she was back in the game. In the 15 minutes I sat there, she won with two suckouts on the river, a 5-2 and 7-2, making a straight both times. Both of those hands, I had pocket pair and raised the entire time but she would not fold. Normally I'm not a "tiltable" player, but that made me so freakin' mad and jumped up at her 7-2, said, "OH MY GOD" and left the table. Doug was still there, and the woman asked him what was wrong. He said that I couldn't stand to play with people that didn't know how to play poker. Then I called him from the bathroom and total let loose, cussing up and down. I went back to the NL board while on the phone I wanted so bad to kick her ass while everyone heard me. I've never been so pissed off at a table before in my life. She was so ostracized at the table after I left she ended up leaving, +300.

That lady made me mad because 1) she really didn't know how to play; 2) she said she didn't know how to play; 3) she was losing until I got there and actually rooted for her to win one pot. When she sucked me out on that one hand, I told her, "I'm not rooting for you anymore."; 4) She slapped that hammer down proudly as if people make freakin' straights out of that crap all the freakin' time. At least they were suited, but there was no flush possibility through the river.

On tilt, I went outside to smoke a cigarette. Luckily, I ended up talking to a nice guy "Michael" that told me he used to be a dealer and a pit boss in Vegas. He said he'd played poker for 30 years so I recounted the story. He said people like that lose in the long run which I know I know! It doesn't make it less irritating. It's equivalent to splitting 20's in blackjack. I told him I would've kicked her ass if she came outside.. which was funny because she walked out just then (to smoke). She saw me sitting pathetically in a shoe shine chair glaring at her, glanced away quickly and the ran out of the area. Then I went back in and called Doug, saying I just saw her leave and he told me the table was relentlessly chastising her and she couldn't take the heat. On the phone with Doug I said, "I would love to kick her freakin' ass" and the pit boss heard me and laughed. I'm sure it seemed funny.

At NL, won one hand early because a guy was bluffing with a pair of 8's (I had K's) and put in $25 to a pot that was like $20. After that, down down down. Then it was 3.30am, Doug and I were both down several hundred dollars each. I had a good table, and a good time, but I can't keep playing like this. 2 hours later, we had to get up for our yard sale.. and we really needed to win this $ back. We made $200, but had to pay $30 to advertise in the paper, and $10 for a freakin' permit. And now we have no sofas in the front room and no $ to buy more.

I lost $450. Doug lost $300. It was especially bad when I went to the ATM, somewhat drunk, and withdrew $20, paying a $3 service fee. I meant $200! Paid yet another $3 for the real $200 withdrawal. Then, I had to return in 2 hours for another $200 withdrawal, and it said I went over my limit. So I withdrew $180. the max allowable without feeling like a total jackass. Sad thing is, I went there with $200. So I had $600 and lost nearly all of it. I entirely blamed Doug on the loss, saying I didn't (and I really didn't and wouldn't have) want to go.

To make matters worse, the only food place open is Denny's at 4am (Doug didn't want to spend one more minute at HI-G). So we had a pot-smoking waitress that forgot my drink, forgot to give $10 change and poured out her sad and boring life to us. Pancakes were great.

My goal last Fri (i've been having goals nearly every time now so I don't go crazy) was to win my haircut back, which was $60. Unfortunately, I didn't have a loss goal. Guess my atm limit took care of that.

I should actually enjoy playing pots like that.. in NL, this guy had $600 in front of him and I had $150. I had AT unsuited. Pre-flop, he raised it to $13, which he did every hand. I called. The flop was 2-T-6. He bet $20, which I called. Turn was 5, two s. He looks at my chips, and bets $200. So I have top pair with the best kicker. I probably should have called, but the way he was playing he was throwing everything into the pot. I showed the two guys next to me while I was thinking about when to fold. I would definitely fold because I had to think too long about it. The pot was $70 maybe.. I folded, the dealer and the two guys that saw my cards said I should've called. The bettor showed his cards, 4-5s. But he easily could've had pocket Q's. Or could've gotten a on the river and made a flush. Or gotten another 5.

So in a similar betting sequence, I have KJ and get top pair J's on the flop. On the turn, he bets like $20 but I go all in. The board is 4-J-7-9. He calls my all-in (with - the -bottom - pair!), and the river is a 4. He has K-4 unsuited. Why why why do people call that shit!!!Fucker! He's friends with college boy. He is in college, studying ICS at UCI. Ass-wipe.

egg drop soup
mixed vegetables with chicken (no cabbage)
steamed rice
fortune cookie (see above)
Girl Scout Cookies -- tagalongs
1 strawberry

4 Diet Cokes


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