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Friday, April 30, 2004

Good ol' Joe
by grubette

I went last night, which makes twice in one week. Bad girl. I was ready to blow $500 so I could swear off going to HI-G for the month of May. But that didn’t happen.

As soon as I sat down, the guy to my left told me the seat I just sat in was very cold and that he had lost $200 in 30 minutes. 30 minutes later and $140 down without winning a single hand, I believed him and switched tables (the final slap in the face was getting a 4 9 and flopping a flush, only to see it dashed with another on the turn. I folded). This is where loud Greek was playing. Boisterous and nearly heckling players, the table was steaming. I couldn’t wait to take his money. After another 30 minutes I still hadn’t won a single hand and finally got pocket 6’s. The flop is 5-5-5. To ensure no one bet with their Ace, I had to bet in early position. A few callers, including Greek. Turn is a 4 and I bet out, Greek is the only caller. River is a 7 and I bet out but Greek raises me.

A smart person would’ve thought Greek had either a 7 or a 5. I’m not that smart though, and thought he had an ace and he felt it was good after seeing small cards on the turn and river. The way he was playing, I figured he was trying to get me out of the pot. But he had 5-6s and won with his quads, chortling and slapping his knee.

Then he had two full houses in a row. The third full house he made with two eights showing on the turn and river. The guy next to me sighed at seeing the river. Complete theatrics, he had pocket 8’s for the second set of quads I saw in ½ hour! When Quad 8 guy beat Greek badly on another hand, Greek guy asked for an out button, said, “I can’t beat this guy, lost $60 on two hands” and sat there eating dim sum. I hate when players just sit there watching and taking up space – it seems so unfair. Greek got up shortly and went to a higher limit. I took his seat, still not having won a hand in 90 minutes.

Retiree/widower 75-year-old Joe comes over and says hello. He pulls up a chair and sits behind me, watching a couple of my plays. He is an absolute sweetie.

Three racks down and at my time limit of 3 hours, I leave (I ended up winning 3 hands in 3 hours- a new record). I went to see Joe playing no-limit. He told me he was losing, but for me to watch a couple of his hands. He also offered to buy me a beer which would’ve been nice since I’d only had one that night. First hand was a Q6s which he played, then folded when the flop was all red and didn’t make him a pair. Second hand was Q7o which he threw in. Third hand he has pocket 7’s and slaps them down, along with a bump up of the $3 blind to $6. Everyone calls. The flop is 5-6-8. Joe bets another $6, everyone calls. Turn is 8. Joe bets $11, only one caller who has $500 in chips in front of him. River is a 7, giving Joe a boat. Joe had about $100 and could’ve easily doubled up with this hand.

Caller taunts Joe, “I’ve won don’t bet.”
Joe says, “You sure about that?”
Caller says, “I’m sure.”

So Joe checks and the caller checks and shows his straight, really believing he’d won. I s’pose the caller thought they’d chop it, but why would Joe be so nice? When I asked him, he said because the caller had checked his straight on the turn.. but he didn’t have a straight on the turn, in fact, he should’ve gotten out with the $11 bet.

I patted Joe on the back, said he was a good man and went to leave. He offered to buy me a drink again so I’d sit down and play or to walk me to my car but I declined. He said he wouldn’t play poker if he had someone waiting at home for him, he just plays to pass the time. I left to go home to my someone, wondering who I could fix up with Joe.

(from yesterday...)

huge garden salad
Ruffles chips
Tostitos with roasted garlic salsa (Trader Joes)
3 chocolate chip cookies
2 chocolate macadamia nut cookies
7 sugared mini donuts (they're mini)

3 Diet Cokes
4 Diet Pepsis

Claritin pill

poker: 30+3 SnGs (1,0), 5/10 6max (+57, terrible beats; down whole buy-in on one table), 1h, +141/hr
bankroll: 1291 + 141 = 1432