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Friday, April 09, 2004

My flush dress
by grubette

I had that decision again driving home from work today, gym or card room? If gym had been the decision, I guess I wouldn’t really have anything to write about except hanging out with sweaty, smelly people. Actually the card room was like that!

HI-G started this trial run of No Limit Sit and Go’s from 9am-3pm on Sun, Tues and some other day. I got there after 3 pm, but they had extended the time to 5pm and had one seat left for the last game of the day. Buy-in: $108, two prizes, 1st: $575 and 2nd: $325 or the last two players can chop $450 each. I considered the 45-minute game, especially because it seemed like a lucky coincidence I was there on a day I don’t normally go, the time had been extended, and there was only one seat left. But I only had $140 with me - if I didn’t money in the SnG I’d have to go to the gym after 45 minutes! I passed.

I had to wait for about 15 minutes, but when I did get a $4/8 table at just before 5 pm, a cheer and macho backslapping was heard from a $6/12 table. This signified a jackpot being won (Aces full or better being beaten, both cards used). I checked the digital clock on the wall – 04:59:35. This means the winners were less than 30 seconds away from the “double” bonus, which would have been $56k. Couldn’t a couple of people asked for “time”? They had to settle for $28,000.

I won my first hand, small pot, but a good start. Then a couple of bad hands: I had Kx, board was 4-3-K-3-3 and I was beaten by 2-3o. Next I had Kx and the board was T-T-T-K-4 and yep, the winner had 9-T (but that one I folded on the flop). Two four of a kinds in 10 minutes?

I’ve been consciously trying to play better. When in BB I picked up pocket 2’s, a raise and then a re-raise came back around to me. I folded pre-flop. Normally I would play that marginal hand because I was already in, but I’m tired of throwing away my money (and it was capped after I folded). Yes of course, a third 2 did come up, but a straight and a full house were the ones duking it out.

And then..

I picked up A T in early position. The flop was J T 3 with a huge round of betting that was capped. The turn landed 9 and I felt all the blood drain out of my body. Two people were still competing with my nut flush and the betting was capped at $48 on the turn card. The old geezer next to me asked what I had and I showed. He said out loud, “Oh, you have the Ace!” Yeah thanks mister, hope everyone at the table’s as deaf as you. I told him my wish, “Don’t pair the board.”

The river’s coming.. 9. I went totally cold. I checked it and so did everyone else (maybe it was something the old geezer said??).

One caller had Q 7.

The other guy had K 4.

Nine s out there with the three top flushes and I had the winner (damn I should’ve bet that river).

Nice - I’m outta there in a record 30 minutes, +190.. and I still went to the gym.

When I got home I checked on an auction I had queued for sniping on ebay. I had won it for $109 but had second thoughts about buying it because it was basically a brand new $20 dress with a $400 designer label on it. Though every time I wear that dress, I’ll be thinking that an Ace high flush paid for it.

(Later in email...)

After I won the pot I only tipped the dealer $3 and then asked around for a cigarette (my hands were shaking!). The chip guy said he would get one for me (even asked the brand!). And then he came back with a whole pack, asking for $5. Oh well. I smoked two, and shoved the rest in the pocket of another chip guy that I know smokes.

Funny about that dress, I had reconsidered it before I figured out my sniper bid won it. after I won I checked the guy's feedback, which was 99.6% and 821 comments. Only two of the comments said, "Fake merchandise" but I didn't read until it was too late. As I mentioned, most of the bucks are for the brand name - I didn't want to wear something fake. So I emailed the seller and said that I had paid, but that I had read two of the comments and wanted to be sure the merchandise was not fake. I also said this particular manufacturer is easy to tell a fake (they imprint a hologram on their label) - so if it was fake not to bother sending it and refund my money. And know what? She refunded it without a word.

So I don't have a flush dress with a story:)