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Friday, April 23, 2004

"Young lady, I don’t play crap cards"
by grubette

I have to start off with a little unpaid promo. Some friends and Doug and I decided to take a weekend trip to San Diego last weekend. I checked out the hotel rates in the “Gaslamp District” and they were all $250+ per night! Based on a tip from grubs, I researched a site that gives info for priceline.com users, bid on a hotel and got the Grand Hyatt for $70. This hotel for that weekend was $259. Then I booked the 90 minute train ride, for $12 each way on Amtrak’s website, using a AAA discount and an online booking discount. The Surfrider train’s cool, HDouble, if you ever want to take your wifey on a romantic trip that allows you to start drinking as soon as you hit the train at 9am. However, the drinks were more than the train ticket.

Of course when we got there, we raided the plushly stocked mini-bar in the room and spent $200 each on cocktails going to 6+ bars around the area. But it was loads and loads of fun. One bar, called Dick’s Last Resort, was by far the best time. The staff are intentionally rude and chastise you, but provide jumbo jugs of beer you have to carry with two hands so you can’t fight back. And for juvenile entertainment, they give you stacks of napkins, which you are supposed to wad up and throw at people. Wha?? It didn’t take us much convincing to get with the program. We saw two people thrown out, one guy for stealing stacks of napkins from the host desk, and another for wetting the balls of napkins to give them more propulsion. Doug was licking the napkins before throwing them and I whacked my head on a chair stooping over to pick up already rolled napkins from the floor.

And on Tuesday Doug and I went to the Lakers playoff game against the Rockets. I love that Yao Ming! I had to quietly cheer for him lest I’m beat up in the parking lot. Celebrity sightings in the stands, besides the usual: Jim Belushi, Blair Underwood, Lauren from "Gilmore Girls" (yeah, I know all you guys watch this), Sly, Adam Sandler (sitting next to Sly), ooh Cindy Crawford (she’s so beautiful), Robert Duvall (they showed him on the “Kiss Cam”). I figured there would be more people there since it was the playoffs, but I suppose those agents don’t want to give up their seats. On usual games, people hang out in the parking lots trying to scalp tickets; during playoffs, they hold signs up saying “NEED TICKETS”. We left early because the Lakers were way ahead, only to not be able to find our car in the parking lot and got stuck in traffic anyway.

Yesterday I wasn’t even thinking about poker and then I read through Pauly’s trip to Vegas and it got me thinking.. but I had a 6.30 spin class. Got off work at 4 and headed down to HI-G. Waited 15 minutes and got a $4/8 seat just before 5pm. I hadn’t played in awhile, so I was actually a little nervous. Plus, I’m going to Reno next Fri (for the opening of Taho Wabo) and then a week cruise next Sun where they have all of two dusty poker tables in their casino. Oh they’ll get some use baby! I would be “playing scared” because I needed to save my money for the trips. I waited til my blind before I jumped in. Noticed everyone was playing very loosely, playing with T2o, 56o, etc. My first hand was KK on the button. The bet was capped. My hands began shaking uncontrollably as if I had the DTs from lack of alcohol. I couldn’t stop them! I tried to throw my chips in casually hoping no one would see. What’s the matter with me? I ended up winning because everyone folded, but not til the river (I bet the whole way) so I made a good-sized pot, damn where was that cocktail waitress? The last guy that folded to my KKs then said to me, “Young lady, I don’t play crap cards. If I call or raise, I have something good,” I didn’t say a word and just nodded. Who the hell cares?

I had AK with nothing through the turn, and then rivered a K. Beat “George”, the guy next to me, who had a pair of Js.

I had Q-8 in the SB, while George had J-4 in the BB. Flop is J-4-8, I check, George checks, another caller bets, George and I call. Turn is 2.. same betting pattern. River is a beautiful Q but I still check, George bets, caller calls, I call. I show my higher two pair than George’s and he slams his hand on the table. I get up to get my own damn Corona.

I come back and get a J 9, one on the flop and then I get two runner runner ’s to win. Rivered again (he had Aces), George is pissed by now.

I went out to smoke (snagged one off of a chip guy, who cutely wrapped it in Kleenex and put it on my table when I asked him for one) and George follows me, calling me “River girl”. He said he was mad at himself for not raising the flop when he made his two pair.. he said I would have folded my 8’s and he was right.

I liked two hands I folded.. one was KQo in BB, the bet was capped by the time it came back to me to act, and I folded it. I could just see someone had pocket 8s or something and I was right, wouldn’t have gotten anything on the board to match up my cards. The other was AK which I did not raise pre-flop (this was right after winning my KK so my hands were still shaking), but just called. The flop was J-Q-8, three-bet to me and I folded, but not before showing George my cards (to show I was playing tight).

I guess it was my night, all 25 minutes of it, +177 and I was outta there. As I got up, George followed me to the cashier and asked if he could “call me sometime, or are you married?” I turned him down nicely--guess he wasn’t too mad at me for rivering him three times.

(from Thursday...)

Breyers blueberry swirl yogurt
Monterey's pizza -- mushroom (they forgot the pepperoni); sausage & ham & pepperoni

Arizona Asia Plum Green Tea with Ginseng & plum juice
4 Diet Cokes

more pizza

poker: 6+1 qualifier (0), 30+3 SnGs (3,3,3,0,1,3,2,0,3,1,2,0,3,2,0,0,1), 8h, +64/hr
bankroll: 83 + 512 = 595