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Monday, June 14, 2004

Grubby's Hand of the Week #8

(1) Last week a coworker was killed. A pickup truck struck the passenger side of her car, pushing her into traffic. She was killed instantly.

The truck continued on and hit a tree. The driver fled on foot (drunk, I suspect) and turned himself in 24 hours later.

She was 20 years old.

Katie was a sweet, attractive, hardworking woman who joined us last summer after her freshman year at William and Mary. She came back over spring break and had just returned for the beginning of this summer, ready to work with us another couple months.

I can think of many better things a 20-year-old would prefer with an entire summer off, and Katie chose to make some extra money. She even had a project of ours in her car when she was hit.

Shocking, terribly sad, and utterly unfair.

(2) A couple weeks ago I had a startling dream. I was in the house where I grew up, peering out the window. Everything was peaceful. A beautiful day.

Suddenly there was the searing sound of a missile flying above and striking a few miles ahead.

Nothing at first but silence. Then the billowing smoke, as the path of destruction rolled my way, evaporating the neighbor's house across the street. All while maintaining that eerie, muted quiet.

I'm watching this, thinking my house is next. Nothing I can do, nowhere to go.

Then I woke up, shaken, and very much glad to be alive.

I've been out of sorts this past week. When I get in a fatalistic mood, I'm careless with money. Not a good way to be when you're a gambler and enveloped in online blackjack (curse these bonuses). I think about Katie and the Ground Zero dream and money is the least of importance.

This, however, is possibly the best attitude when playing poker, when I'm not thinking of money as money but money as worthless chips.

Pretty much nonstop this weekend I played SnGs and multi-tournaments. I feel I'm playing well, despite ending in the red. I shouldn't still be surprised at people calling all-ins with inferior hands, nor should I be surprised they get lucky. If it weren't for that luck, they wouldn't continue to call with those hands.

I'm handling the beats better, particularly after steeling myself from thousands of hands of bad beat blackjack.

This Saturday there's a live tournament for the Arthritis Foundation that I'd like to play but with a steep buy-in. DC isn't Vegas; there couldn't possibly be that many good players in this thing, could there?

My unfulfilled hope was to play a bunch of online tourneys this past weekend and cash enough to cobble together the $500. Instead I lost close to that in tourney fees and, yes, blackjack (cashout cashout cashout after meeting your wage requirements!).

Out of eight multis, I was on the bubble twice, cashed in one (double my buy-in), and was out midway in the other three.

This hand was from one of those multis...

Grubby's Hand of the Week #8
for Monday, June 14, 2004

Prize: $25

Iceyburnz bubbled with Hand of the Week #7. So close, Icey guessed that SB had AK and MP had 55. If only he had reversed that. The SB had 55 and MP had A8o. (Yes, that much aggression with 55. At least my read was correct, he just happened to get lucky on the river.)

The consolation is that no one else guessed that SB had 55, so $5 more for this week.

The first person to correctly guess my opponent's hand before next Monday wins. Suits may or may not matter. One guess per person, please. Winner will be declared here the following week. If there's no winner, the prize will roll over to next week plus $5.

If you're signed up to Empire Poker or Absolute Poker through me (use those links to sign up), the prize is doubled for you.

Absolute, by the way, has a couple good promotions in the coming weeks -- including several 25 percent reload bonuses and rakefree 6/12 tables.

Leave your guess in the comments section below. You can be Anonymous without registering through Blogger, but do include your name so I know whose guess is whose.

If you don't include contact info and you're the winner, email me after the quiz is over.

Good luck and good skills,

Aztec Riches Poker NL Hold'em Tourney, Big Blind T1600 (10 handed)

Preflop: grubby is MP3 with A Q
SB posts T800, BB posts T1600, 4 folds, grubby raises all-in T5180, it's folded to the BB who has about T25000 left and pauses for almost the entire time bar... and then calls!

Board: 7 K 2 7 3

Aztec Riches Poker is part of the Prima Network and offers pretty terrific overlays and few people entering. Very loose, too. New signups get $50 if you deposit $100, and that extra $50 is in your account to play with. The only catch is you need to play 100 raked hands before you can cash out. Aztec's definition of a valid raked hand: you must contribute toward the raked hand in order for it to count. You'll therefore rake hands at a much slower pace than other sites, but you can see how this encourages the fish to play more hands than normal.

(Aztec also has a casino with the Viper software. If you've been casino whoring, I would not recommend this casino, nor any of the other casinos in the Casino Profit Share network -- Challenge, Music Hall, Golden Reef, UK Casino Club. See their terms and conditions, and you'll see why.)

This past Saturday found me in a $7,500 guaranteed pool. $10+1 buy-in, unlimited $10 rebuys, and a $10 add-on. I did one rebuy and one add-on. 263 people entered and top 30 cash.

(If you think that's good, they also have $100K guaranteed tourneys on Saturdays... I played this past weekend and only 831 people entered at $50+5. Try to touch that, Empire and Party!)

Throughout I had some beats, all when I raised all-in preflop and was called with the underdog: KQ vs. KJ (quad Jacks), AA vs. 10-10 (quad 10s), QQ vs. 10-10 (a 10 on the board).

These were the only three hands of note, and despite them, I made it to the top 33.

Which gets us to the hand above. I was shortest stack by half and had to make a move at some point. My previous two all-ins were in the past two orbits with QQ and AK, and were enough to take the blinds. The table was tight enough that no one was calling an all-in raise, wanting to get in the money and avoid that bubble.

BB was third-largest chipstack at the table when he called. I didn't have a read on him.

What did BB have?


Commented by Anonymous Anonymous:

Pair of 2's.


12:26 AM 
Commented by Blogger Richard:

K5 soooted - Penguin

12:35 AM 
Commented by Blogger T:

7 of clubs, 2 of diamonds

12:45 AM 
Commented by Blogger StudioGlyphic:


12:58 AM 
Commented by Blogger iturner187:

He had the HAMMER!!!!!

5:35 AM 
Commented by Blogger Timothy:

He has the hammer-lookalike. But he found something likable about the hand so my guess it is suited:

7c 2c

5:50 AM 
Commented by Blogger XakyrieG:

This post has been removed by a blog administrator.

6:22 AM 
Commented by Blogger XakyrieG:

Removed my previous guess because it was clearly wrong. How about K10?

6:25 AM 
Commented by Blogger Sean:


8:32 AM 
Commented by Blogger BadBlood:

5,5 - presto

9:07 AM 
Commented by Anonymous Anonymous:

The guy was getting frusterated and decide to call with the twice winning WSOP hand: Doyle Brunson, T-2.


10:47 AM 
Commented by Anonymous Anonymous:

This one's tough to reason out what would cause the long pause before calling - hard to read on-line (ie: he could've just spilled his beer or something) but if the pause was card-related, I'm thinking he had a medium pocket pair and reasoned that, since he had you covered, and figuring you might be holding overcards as opposed to a big pair it was worth the call - if he's right then he's got a slight edge going into the hand. So I'm going to say he 7c-7s.


11:13 AM 
Commented by Anonymous Anonymous:

I'll take a flyer - A, K Habsfanca11

11:56 AM 
Commented by Blogger Daddy:

I think it's quite obvious that he held K9o.

1:06 PM 
Commented by Anonymous Anonymous:

A/2 suited


2:45 PM 
Commented by Blogger Sloejack:

K2s - Someone else reasoned the same thing I'm thinking. After two possible 'steals' previously and a nice fat stack it was time to catch you stealing. It would have hurt slightly to double you up, but at least this way if you were, you'd be exposed and no more respected bets.

4:20 PM 
Commented by Blogger ToddCommish:

I'm betting that the only reason this hand is of note is because the BB had the same hand... namely AQo

6:27 PM 
Commented by Blogger NemoD:


6:38 PM 
Commented by Blogger Paste This:

My original guess is already posted above. So, I'll say that he thought you had American Airlines; the pause was to decide if he should call with his Krispy Kreme, Cowboys, otherwise known as pocket Kings.

1:28 PM 
Commented by Blogger Iceyburnz:

arghhhhh, so close......:(

If i had to guess for this hand, I would guess that it was because the user had a mediocre hand. Let's try and think like the other person shall we: "hmmmm, itll cost me 3580 to call this sucker. I know he is probably bluffing so that he can try to steal the blinds and make the money. I have a semi-good hand. This A9 probably is beating his stupid cards. I can take those chips and knock him out in the process." If he had anything resembling a good hand, he would have called immediately. There was no one to bluff out.......

7:20 PM 
Commented by Blogger grubby:

Congrats to Pengy -- he guessed it right with the Brunson, 10-2. Though now I'm convinced he was the one in the hand and demand he pay ME!

1:03 AM 

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