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Monday, August 23, 2004

Grubby's Hand of the Week #15

Congrats to AgentLace, who correctly guessed CO had A-10o (he guessed suited, but wins anyway) in Hand of the Week #14. A.L., shoot me an email with your address and I'll get your $20 to ya.

I have a ton of interesting hands stockpiled, so even though I'm on a break (see yesterday's post) I can still dig into the vault for the head-scratchers. I don't expect my time off to last longer than the next Hand of the Week, but you never know.

Because I'd like to continue these weekly, please consider signing up to a poker or casino site through one of these links. I've started a couple promos offering various bribery (cash, DVDs, PokerTracker, other prizes) in exchange. I could also extend a similar offer if you sign up to Party, Empire, Absolute, or The Gaming Club. Take a look at the grub prize closet, see if anything strikes your interest, and perhaps we can make a deal. This will also act retroactively, so if you've already signed through me to one of the above sites and would like one of the prizes, your raked hand count will begin as soon as you email me and let me know.

Grubby's Hand of the Week #15
for Monday, August 23, 2004

Prize: $20

The first person to correctly guess my opponent's hand before next Monday wins. Suits may or may not matter. One guess per person, please. Winner will be declared here the following week. If there's no winner, the prize will roll over to next week plus $5.

If you're signed up to Empire Poker or Absolute Poker or UltimateBet through me (use those links to sign up), the prize is doubled for you.

Leave your guess in the comments section below. You can be Anonymous without registering through Blogger, but do include your name so I know whose guess is whose.

If you don't include contact info and you're the winner, email me after the quiz is over.

Good luck and good skills,

PokerStars 3/6 Hold'em (5 handed) converter

Preflop: grubby is SB with K J
3 folds, grubby raises, BB 3-bets, grubby calls.

Flop: (6 SB) 3 2 6 (2 players)
grubby checks, BB bets, grubby raises, BB calls.

Turn: (5 BB) T (2 players)
grubby bets, BB calls.

River: (7 BB) A (2 players)
grubby bets, BB calls.

Final Pot: 9 BB
Main Pot: 9 BB, between grubby and BB.

(Speaking of PokerStars, has anyone ever signed up to them through me? I have no signups at all and I'm wondering if the link is faulty.)

Here's an interesting bluff hand. Keep in mind it's Stars, which has better players. Better meaning less calling stations but more playing back atcha. These lower limits actually play like higher.

At least, that was my hope for this particular hand. I had been at this table for about 15 minutes, and play was pretty standard and tight. Rarely was it folded to the blinds without a raise.

This was one of those rare hands. KJo, while not the best of starters, plays well heads-up. When I raised and BB reraised, I suspected BB was thinking I was trying to steal and was protecting his blind. Party is more straightforward, playing your cards. Stars is more psychological, playing the player (which is why I believe multi-tabling can only work successfully on Party). If this hand were on Party, he would definitely have something and I could let go if the flop didn't help. Here on Stars, I couldn't be sure.

I decided to see if I could outplay him, and with the rag flop, the best way to take it down uncontested was to check-raise. Particularly if he was on a flush draw. And if he was, he'd probably reraise and I could drop.

Surprisingly, he just called. And called. And called.

I had no idea what he had (and of course, the rivered Ace was scary), but I had put myself into a predicament and could only hope he'd fold at some point. Because if he didn't, I was dead.

What do you s'pose BB had?


Commented by Anonymous Anonymous:

BB had K9h.
- Jason

11:33 AM 
Commented by Blogger Sean:


1:50 PM 
Commented by Blogger Ash:

pocket 5s

1:59 PM 
Commented by Blogger Timothy:


2:30 PM 
Commented by Blogger Mike:


3:36 PM 
Commented by Blogger BadBlood:

Either K4 or K5 of hearts. Had both the straight and flush draw, then just called at the end just in case his K was good.

3:39 PM 
Commented by Blogger ToddCommish:

Gotta be The Hammer, 72o. Dammit, I gotta get one of these right...

4:24 PM 
Commented by Blogger FatMike:

Pocket 4's.

5:02 PM 
Commented by Anonymous Anonymous:

K 2 hearts

5:45 PM 
Commented by Blogger grubette:

AQh. He made top pair on the river. Flush draw, but he couldn't do anything but call your bets.

6:13 PM 
Commented by Blogger NemoD:


good luck with the poker break. nothing can wear on your nerves more than bad beats in multis.

8:35 PM 
Commented by Anonymous Anonymous:


Matt Stephans - http://www.compunltd.com

4:48 AM 
Commented by Blogger Roberto Roundtree Rogelio:

6s7s; he put you on a steal, defended the blind and then caught just enough to stay with the hand, hence no raise later on.

10:46 AM 
Commented by Anonymous Anonymous:

I say J10s.

3:49 PM 
Commented by Anonymous Anonymous:

tons of possibilities for this one. i'm going with 99

4:00 PM 
Commented by Anonymous Anonymous:

99 -hypnotik117

4:01 PM 
Commented by Anonymous Anonymous:

K-J (same hand, maybe hearts)

5:05 PM 
Commented by Anonymous Anonymous:

I would have guessed Presto! but since that is taken I will gues pocket 8s. Habsfanca11

5:59 PM 
Commented by Anonymous Anonymous:


1:15 AM 
Commented by Anonymous Anonymous:


5:49 PM 
Commented by Blogger -EV:


7:10 PM 
Commented by Blogger John-Paul:

77... first choice was 44, then QJ, but those are taken.

7:41 PM 
Commented by Blogger grubby:

Quiz is over. Villain had K7s and my better kicker played. He called all that way with THAT? Jeez. New quiz by the end of Monday!

3:57 AM 

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