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Monday, December 18, 2006

Overheard by grubette
by grubette

Things overheard at the WPBT Winter Classic '06:

Dealer to Iggy: "Hey, your turn, Columbo!"

Guy to a Pai Gow tourist: "Call the dealer a Beeyatch."
Tourist: "What language is that?"

"They broke the mold when they made Bobby Bracelet!"

Guy 1: "Are you winning?"
Guy 2: "I'm oscillating."

"I dated a girl with no areolas."

Guy 1: "My domain name is for sale, make me an offer."
Guy 2: "Can I fuck your wife?"

"I'm breaking up with poker."

Craps dealer: "Roosters are bad luck."

grubette: "This beer is flat."
Bartender: "If it's flat it's flat! What do you want me to do?"
grubette: "I'd like another beer."
Bartender: "It's all from the same tap."
grubette: "How about a different beer?"
Bartender (pouring another beer): "How do I know it's flat unless customers tell me it's flat?"
grubette: "I thought I just did."

Guy to three cowboys shooting dice at the craps table: "Hit the point! C'mon those Stetsons are expensive! F-150's ain't cheap!"

Poker dealer: "I started with $30, kept playing 'Don't Pass' in craps, and won $66,000. Never played again."
grubette: "Why?"
Poker dealer: "Because my ankles swelled up from standing so long."
grubette: ???

Poker dealer, during a break in the tournament: "These players are too nice. This guy checks down aces full of jacks. I'd raise my own mother with aces full of jacks. On her deathbed."

Guy from England: "What is this tournament about?"
grubette: "Poker bloggers."
Guy from England: "I read blogs."
grubette: "Which do you read?"
Guy from England: "I read Linda, the dealer from Bellagio, and Iggy."
grubette: "Iggy who?"
Guy from England: "The blogfather, have you heard of him?"

Good times.