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Sunday, Feb. 22, 2004 at 2100 (9 p.m.) ET

$20+2 no-limit hold'em at ChoicePoker

32 entrants, $640 prize pool



($256, poker chips, book, magazines, $20+2 entry into next blogger tourney)
Mean Gene


The Fat Guy ($160, book, magazines) The Fat Guy

3 anisotropy ($96) anisotropy
4 PokerCode ($64) PokerCode
5 grubby ($38.40) Poker Grub
6 Penguin ($25.60) The Poker Penguin

Felicia Lee
(Mr. Bubble merchandise)
Felicia Lee


(his own Hammer t-shirt)
Love and Casino War

9 Chris Falco  Life of Falco
10 hdouble Cards Speak
11 The Daily Grind The Daily Grind
12 shftleft TightPocket
13 peteux Poker Flatulence
14 Paul T. Paulsburbon
15 grubette Poker Grub (a.k.a. nepotism central)
16 Ed Openers
17 Chigins Fish with a Pole
18 iggy Guinness and Poker
19 Mr. Decker Mr. Decker
20 Chris Chris Halverson
21 Royal Royal Poker
22 Dan PokerWatch
23 Pauly Tao of Poker
24 B Gal Promethius
25 BG Gambling Blues
26 Will Single Malt Poker
27 CJ Up for Poker
28 mikeg Promethius
29 John John's Jottings
30 Doug, grubette's beau Poker Grub (a.k.a. nepotism central)
31 Rick Ugarte's Poker Grovel

Liquid Swords
(a month's worth of poker lessons)
Liquid Swords

The Grublog Poker Classic
Do you have what it takes? Can you go the distance? Want to win one for the Grubber?

No? Well okay, how about playing some poker against your fellow bloggers?

If you run an online poker journal (or a blog containing some poker content), come join us for the first Grublog Poker Classic, with a prize pool of up to ONE MILLION DOLLARS!

Date:Sunday, Feb. 22, 2004
Time: 2100 ET (9 p.m.)
Tournament Format: No-limit Texas Hold'em
Buy-in: $20 + $2
Prize Pool: $1,000,000 (if 50,000 bloggers enter)

ChoicePoker is kind enough to host our first tournament (with more to come hopefully). If you don't already have an account with them, you'll need one to enter. You'll also need a PC (sorry, Macs). Click here to download their software and sign up. Until Feb. 13, your first deposit will get you a 35 percent bonus, up to $100. In other words, if you deposit $286, Choice will add an extra $100 -- more than enough to cover your buy-in! Update 2/17: they're now offering a 20% bonus (up to $100) on your first deposit with Neteller. This is essentially the same offer, you just have to pony up a bit more ($500) on your initial deposit. And if you already got the 35% but didn't use Neteller, you can use Neteller for another 20%. See their site for rules on working off the bonus.

If you use me ("grubby" is my screen name... "hotgirl" was already taken by iggy) as your referral, I'll put what referral money there is back into the tourney in the form of bounties and other prizes (possibilities: the new 2+2 book Hold 'em Poker for Low Limit Players, the Rounders DVD, Wendy's gift certificates). If you have a prize you'd like to offer (to a certain place, a bounty for knocking someone out, a last longer bet, winning with The Hammer, etc.), please let me know and I'll add it to the list.

In addition to the cash, here's the list of growing prizes:

First place:a free entry into the next World Poker Blogger Tournament (March 10). A $20+2 value.
a complete set of 650 poker chips from Old Vegas Chips. Start your own hold'em game with these casino-style, 11.5-gram clay chips, dealer and blind buttons, six racks, and two decks of cards -- all snugly fit in a handsome aluminum case. See a picture of it here. A $475 value.
the book POKER! (Las Vegas Style) by Bill "Bulldog" Sykes, from The Gambler's Book Shop. A $9.95 value.
a magazine subscription to your choice of Ski, PC Magazine, Gamepro, Electronic Gaming Monthly, Computer Gaming World, or Field and Stream. Up to a $64 value.
Second place:the book Playing Low Limit Hold'em by Bob Turgeon, from The Gambler's Book Shop. A $9.95 value.
a magazine subscription to your choice of Ski, PC Magazine, Gamepro, Electronic Gaming Monthly, Computer Gaming World, or Field and Stream. Up to a $64 value.
On the bubble:Mr. Bubble merchandise. A $5 value.
Last place:a month's worth of poker lessons and smart schooling at PokerSchoolOnline. A $14.95 value.
first person to win with The Hammer:a t-shirt commemorating your Hammer win, courtesy of Love and Casino War.
bounty to knock out grubby with The Hammer:$250.
bounty to win with 88:$50 from hdouble at Cards Speak.
bounty to knock out Paulsburbon:Twister and The Others DVDs. If you knock out Paul within the first hour, you'll get $10. Someone sure must not like Paul!
(prizes subject to change)

We'll also have a special mystery guest playing with us! And a substantial bounty if you knock him/her out. 'Cuz he/she sure ain't no slouch. What, you think you'll get a free ride to first? Not on my watch, mister. Update 2/20: Our mystery guest is the gentleman who originated the term Hammer and the inspiration for The Hammer Challenges. Once upon a time, he played 72o and won with it in a Northern Virginia home game. His name is Hammer, and ever since then 72o was dubbed The Hammer. See the bounty on his head above. Update 2/22: Alas, no Mr. Hammer in the tourney. So knock me out with The Hammer, and you'll get the bounty!

You might want to mosey around Choice a bit to get a feel for the layout (and work off your bonus). It's rather empty right now, but they just launched and will likely pick up players in the months to come.

To sign up, please email me the following:

1. your email address
2. your ChoicePoker screen name
3. the URL of your blog
4. the name you'd like to go by when I post the rankings on the Leader Board (which will also include your blog)

I'll then email you the entry password, and you can buy-in immediately. I'll keep your email anonymous from anyone but my own prying eyes, and it will only be used to promote possible future tournaments in the World Poker Blogger Tour (next stop: iggy!).

Even if you don't run a blog and just want to watch, you're more than welcome to!

Check this page, as I'll add updates as soon as I get 'em.

Good luck everyone, and good skills!

tournament director
the grublog poker classic