last updated Nov. 19, 2004
The Grublog Poker Classic II
For bloggers and anyone reading this! It's a competition, so please... wager!

If you're free on Sunday, Nov. 21, come celebrate Poker Grub's one-year anniversary with a tournament at a site that won't go running off to Costa Rica (simply because they're already in Costa Rica).

Actually, Paradise is well-known in the industry and was the first poker site the grub clan ever played online. And the first poker site the grub clan lost online. They were recently bought for a whopping $300M, so they must be doing something right.

Our prize pool is considerably less but will be just as fun...

Date:Sunday, Nov. 21, 2004
Time: 2100 ET (9 p.m.)
Tournament Format: No-limit Texas Hold'em
Location:Paradise Poker
Buy-in: $10 (optional $10 rebuys and add-on)
Chatroom: click here

If you don't already have an account with Paradise Poker, you'll need one to enter. You'll also need a PC (Macs: one of the PC emulators will work with Paradise). Click here to download their software and sign up. You'll also get a 25 percent bonus on your first deposit, up to $50. However, if you use the signup code GRANNY, you'll get a 50 percent bonus up to $100 (I get nothing from this code, by the way, but it's the best one I've seen). Paradise's bonuses pay off incrementally, so for every 100 raked hands you play (you can fold and it will still count), you'll get $10 released into your account.

For fun, we've added extra prizes to the pool. If you have a prize you'd like to offer (a bounty for knocking someone out, a last longer bet, winning with a hand like The Hammer, etc.), please let me know and I'll add it to the list.

In addition to the cash, here's the list of growing prizes:

First place:an engraved dealer button trophy (perfect for use as a card protector) declaring you as the champion of The Grublog Poker Classic II.
your choice of an Xbox, PlayStation 2, or Nintendo DS. We had a preference vote in the Hand-of-the-Week and it seemed about even, so you'll get to choose. Alternatively, if you already own one or both, you can instead pick three games of your choice (under $150 retail total).
two one-year magazine subscriptions to your choice of Stuff, Shape, PC Magazine, Golf, -or- Money (magazine titles subject to change).
Second place:your choice of the VIP Edition box set DVD of Showgirls (because it's a classic in bad cinema) -or- the collector's edition DVD of Rounders (go with Showgirls!).
a one-year magazine subscription to your choice of Stuff, Shape, PC Magazine, Golf, -or- Money (magazine titles subject to change).
On the bubble:the friendly, soothing suds of Mr. Bubble®.
Last place:Tommy Angelo's CD I'm Running Bad.
first person to win with The Hammer:Wil Wheaton's book Dancing Barefoot.
bounty to knock out DoubleAs:for a week, you get to retitle his blog and add a picture of your choosing to his blog.
bounty to knock out grubby with The Hammer:$72.
(prizes subject to change)

To register, fill out this form with the name you'd like to go by, your email, your screen name, your blog name, and the URL. This is for the purposes of the Leader Board, which will list rankings with the name you enter (this will substitute for your screen name, in case you don't want anyone knowing who you play under at Paradise) and, if you have one, your blog name and URL. See the last grublog for an example.

Filling out this form isn't a requirement; if you don't, I'll just use your screen name for the Leader Board.

Then wait until two hours before the tourney (7 p.m. ET). Launch Paradise, go to the tournament section, click the bottom tab labeled "Private" and double-click "grublog." That's us!

We're password-protected, so the non-blog public won't be privvy. The password is: saynotobj (all lowercase).

If you win one of the above prizes, please email me with your address.

A chatroom has been set up and, while it's active all the time through this link, I'll probably mosey into the room a few minutes before the tourney begins.

If you don't feel like playing with us but you'd like to watch and/or chat, you're more than welcome!

Keep checking this page; I'll add updates as soon as I get 'em.

Good luck everyone, and good skills!

p.s. Info on The Grublog Poker Classic I can be found by clicking here.